[ Arun ]

I am a Member of Technical staff at the Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-physical Systems (RBCCPS),
at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru.

My areas of interests are: Cybersecurity and software engineering.

My public keys: Signify, GPG, GPG(old)


[ Email ]

Github:   https://github.com/arun-babu
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/parunbabu


[1] I work on the DataSetu project.

[1] I was associated with the India Urban Data eXchange (IUDX) project;
mostly on the IUDX Auth Server and the IUDX Certificate Authority.

[2] My recent work was on Freestyle, a randomized version of ChaCha20 cipher.

Some of my publications:

[1] Arun Babu Puthuparambil, Jithin Jose Thomas, "Freestyle, a randomized version of ChaCha for resisting offline brute-force and dictionary attacks",
    Journal of Information Security and Applications, Volume 49, 2019, 102396, ISSN 2214-2126, DOI. [2] Babu, P. Arun, C. Senthil Kumar, and N. Murali. "A hybrid approach to quantify software reliability in nuclear safety systems."
    Annals of Nuclear Energy 50 (2012): 133-140. [3] Babu, P. Arun, et al. "An intuitive approach to determine test adequacy in safety-critical software."
    ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 37.5 (2012): 1-10. [4] Babu, P. Arun, et al. "Towards assessment of software reliability and its characteristics in safety systems of nuclear reactors."
    ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 39.5 (2014): 1-17. [5] 3 Chapters of the book: Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems Foundations - A Conceptual Model and Some Derivations: The AMADEOS Legacy
ISBN: 978-3-319-47590-5 https://www.springer.com/la/book/9783319475899 [6] 2 Chapters of the book: Certifications of Critical Systems - The CECRIS Experience ISBN: 9788793519565 http://www.riverpublishers.com/book_details.php?book_id=450